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Tiffany Diamonds
The pinnacle of excellence, Tiffany & Co. jewelry is a collaboration between artist and jeweler—a balance of time-honored craftsmanship, modern design and the world’s most beautiful diamonds. At Tiffany, our diamonds are dazzling and more vibrant because our team of nearly 1,500 of the world’s most talented diamond cutters and polishers craft them that way.
Tiffany Yellow Diamonds
Tiffany has a long-standing history of cutting the world’s most exceptional diamonds, with yellow diamonds being no exception. Our legacy began with the purchase of the legendary Tiffany Diamond in 1878 and continues to this day.
Great White Diamonds
Diamonds of extraordinary size and beauty are incredibly rare. Masterfully cut, only the Tiffany team of diamond cutters and polishers could be trusted to reveal such incredible vibrancy and light. Every one of these 6-carat-plus diamonds is hypnotic in its beauty—each a singular work of art.
Rare Fancy Color Diamonds
Of all the diamonds mined in any given year, only one in 10,000 is a fancy color diamond; and of those, only a fraction meet Tiffany & Co.’s exacting standards. Precious and breathtakingly beautiful, rare fancy color diamonds are an extraordinary testament to the magic of Mother Nature.